Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sink Project - Day 1

My brother came down to deliver my master bedroom furniture and we decided to rip out my sink while he was here. I forgot to take a picture after the sink top was ripped out, but I have a picture of the progress at the end of the day.
What we did:
-Unhook old plumbing
-Rip out old sink
-Patch up holes where the builders decided not to install dry wall. I guess they figured it was okay to not follow code since no one would ever see the hole.
-Cut to size and screw in 2 x 4's to provide the base.
-Cut to size and screw in backerboard.
-Cut out holes for sink drain and faucet.

Now I am alone for day 2. So far I've patched up the side walls and am waiting for the spackle to dry. Then, it's painting time and then thinset and tile laying. And lots and lots of cleaning.

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