Friday, June 11, 2010

Bedroom Runners

My dog Zoey is having some difficulties with the floor in the master bedroom. I'm pretty sure it's all mental, because I have the same floor installed on the basement level and she has no problem walking and running crazy down there. She's convinced herself that the bedroom floor is slippery, so whenever she walks in the room, she starts running in place like the road runner. Fortunately, I found that if I place a rug next to the bed, she's able to jump on and off the bed no problem.  I've been using an old bath rug that has a huge paint stain on it, so I decided to find a better and more fitting alternative.
I did check out the colors of the Home Flora rug and the colors work perfect with the room. But I'm not sure if one of the other ones would work just as well or better for a lower price.

Hessum Rug - $24.99, Bigum Rug - $9.99
Lydum - $12.99, Adana Gold Beige Runner - $36.99
Velvet Flat Weave Cream Rug - $42.99, Summerfield Beige Floral Rug - $44.99
Home Flora Rug Blue - $44.99, Hometrends Gumball Runner - $19.50

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

side tables

I've been thinking about replacing the side tables in my living room since I'm slowly switching the room from birch wood to dark wood.

Vejmon Side Table - $99, Melbu Nightstand - $69.99
Adesso Zig-Zag Accent Table - $83.91, Glacier End Table - $93
Boomerang EVO End Table - $99, Arturo Lacqured MDF Side Table - $57.99
Titanium Maple Duo Table - $75.99, Pierson Black Oak End Table - $85.99

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sink Project - Day 5

What I finished today:
-Painted the wood trim white
-Installed new doors

I still need to fix up the paint around the walls. I also need to paint or stain the cabinet to match the doors. I want to install handles on the doors but I'm not sure if I can drill through the door without hitting the frosted glass. Gotta look into that more.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sink Project - Days 3-4ish

I'm sorry for ignoring you blog. I got sick of my sink project and wanted some distance from it. Unfortunately, I needed a working sink, so instead I decided to avoid writing about it.

Here is the sink after day 3:

What I accomplished:
-Grouted the tiles
-Screwed up the paint and spackling job from the day before. Awesome.

Here is the sink after workday 4ish:
 What we did:
-Install faucet into sink
-Install sink onto tile countertop
-Hook up plumbing
-Sealed the grout (had to wait 48 hours after grouting before this could be done)

The sink looks so much better than the old sink. I've been keeping an eye on any possible leakage because although my brother and I are engineers, we are not trained plumbers.

Still to be done and is being procrastinated:
-Paint ugly wood trim
-Fix up everywhere the wall spackle was nicked and fix paint
-Install doors