Friday, April 30, 2010

Paint it black

Wednesday was a sad day. No more hockey until next season. :(
Because I am still mourning the 2009-2010 Caps season, here is a collection of items I found, all in black.

Sources: Erin Table Lamp - $101.15, Areaware Bestow Vase Holder - $75, Bigarra Series, Solsta Olarp - $79.99, Ring Embroidered Pilows - $32.49, Flocked Leaf bedding - $59-62.99

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Modern dog (and cat)

Generally, when I think of dog beds, I think of ugly plaid. Dog beds seem like they used to be an after thought that would presumably be thrown in a garage somewhere. They have definitely come a long way. I keep a dog bed in the living room for Zoey the crazy dog since she's not allowed on the furniture. I'll usually go to Marshalls or Home Goods to pick up a dog bed since they usually have really nice styles for $25 or under. It can be hit or miss, but so far I've only found hits.

Here's a few dog beds and other pet supplies that I would proudly have showing in my home.
AllModern, AllModern, Target, Walmart, Overstock, Overstock, Ikea, Ikea

Monday, April 26, 2010

Craigslist finds

Here's a couple great finds that I've come across on craigslist.

Contemporary Dining Set - $280
 Two CB2 dining chairs - $100
Glass contemporary table and 4 chairs - $145
Pair of Lime Green Chairs - $350

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sink Inspiration

I may have mentioned my disdain for the master bath before. I decided to finally do something about it and revamp the sink by replacing the sinktop with tiles and a ceramic vessel sink. Here's a few pictures of what I have in mind.

It seems like a doable diy project. I haven't decided whether I want ceramic tiles or glass tiles on the sink top. Ceramic tiles are way cheaper, but I like the look of glass tiles.

I should be starting on the project soon and will be posting pictures of the progress.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest bedroom bedding

I mentioned earlier about my trip to Ikea for guest room bedding. I wanted to find something that would go with the green paint in the guest bedroom.

Below are a couple of the duvet sets that I was considering until I remembered that my dog Zoey loves eating duvet comforters, so anything over $30 was out of the question since it would probably be torn apart in no time.

Orkaisi Bedding Set - $39-54, Unison Martin Duvet
Mod Block - $39.99, studio Rectangles - $49.99

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Craigslist find

I'm so in love with this craigslist find that I had to post it right away.

Hooked restaurant ordered too many red bar stools and is selling the extras for $55 each.  $55 is a steal. I purchased bar stools for my kitchen not too long ago, and finding nice modern bar stools for under $75 was a challenge. This particular bar stool retails for about $100.

They remind me of the Zuo Equino bar stools that I wanted so badly but usually retail for close to $200.
Speaking of which, my suggestion for best place for cheap bar stools: Value City Furniture. They actually have several modern bar stools for under $60.

Lisbon bar stool - $29.99, Turin bar stool - $39, Naples bar stool - $39, Glasgow bar stool - $59.99
I have the Naples bar stools and they are gorgeous. Although it was a little painful to go on the website today and see that they are $10 cheaper than when I had bought them. Which is something to watch out for with VCF, the prices fluctuate often so it is easy to miss out on a great deal.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

guest bedding

I went to Ikea this weekend to pick up some extra duvets for guest room bedding and was sorely disappointed to find out that the duvet set that I had my heart set on was completely bought out in the size I needed.  I threw a couple duvets in my cart anyway because: 1. they were an awesome deal and 2. I was in an Ikea trance.  One of the duvets I decided would go perfect in the green room. The second was bought on a whim without a room in mind. I think it could work in the office as guest bedding. Here's the room and duvet in question.

I was thinking that perhaps some throw pillows would tie the room together more, so I started searching aroud. Not sure if I found anything that works, but I did find some pillows that I love.

Fish Pillow - $24.95, Bird Pillow - $19.95
Blue Dot Pillow cover - $6, Wavy Pillow cover - $8
Green and Black Pillow cover - $4, Brown Dot Pillow - $14.99

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Craigslist finds

Here's a list of some some great finds I've stumbled upon on craigslist.

Reminds me of beds by Gautier. Appears to have blue trim.
European Platform bed with mattress - $150

Love the curve in this coffee table.
Contemporary Coffee Table - $100

A cute love seat from Ikea. Extra covers range from $20 - $70.  Unfortunately, the dog is not for sale.
Ikea multicolored couch - $50, Extra Covers

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lisa Kowalski

 My sister and I stopped by World Market today and found that they are carrying two canvas prints of Lisa Kowalski which are absolutely gorgeous. They both contain hand embellished paint to mimic original brush strokes.  We both are making plans for where to place her art in our homes.

Gold Swirls - $99.99, Vertical Focus - $99.99

To learn more about Lisa Kowalski and her work, please visit her website.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleeper Sofas

When I was searching for a sleeper sofa to place in my office, I found that Value City Furniture had some fantastic, modern sofas for a steal! These would look amazing flanked by lounge chairs. I love the look of the Ikea Stockholm chair, but the $300 price tag seems a bit too much. Fortunately, Overstock sells similar lounge chairs for under half the price which would make furnishing a living room pretty afordable.

The Decor Cube Louge chair appears plum colored on the website, but comments confirm that the color is in fact grey and blue, which compliment the Bali Teal Lounger.
Bali Teal Sofa Lounger - $149.99, Decor Cube Print Lounge Chair - $130.99

The Lola Cooper Sofa Lounge would like great with either the Orange Cube Print Lounge chair for an upbeat colorful space or the Decor Striped Lounge Chair for a more nuetral toned space.
Lola Copper Sofa Lounger - $199.99, Orange Cube Print Lounge Chair - $149.99, Decor Striped Print Lounge chair - $144.99

The Lydia Coffee Sofa Lounger would look great with either the Decor Striped Print Lounge Chair shown above or the Decor Swirl Print Lounge chair for a more funky look.
Lydia Coffee Sofa Lounger - $199.99, Decor Swirl Print Lounge Chair - $131.99