Friday, May 7, 2010

Kitchen Tables

I was in the market for a new kitchen table a couple months ago. I was looking for something with a diameter less than 35" and a price tag of $200 or less.

Here are the tables that were contendors:
Chrome and Glass Cafe Table - $199.99, Bianca 30" Round Table - $163.20
Utby Bar Table - $139.99 (dark brown top) $188.99 (stainless steel top), Billsta Table - $189.99
215DT Dining Table - $158.95 (sale price), Lumisource Stella Dinette Table - $171 (sale price)

Ultimately, I decided to go a little over budget and got a table by Zuo. I pretty much love everything Zuo comes out with.
I was able to find the Zuo Lemon Drop table online for $250 at NikkoShops, plus they had a wintersale of 10% off of everything in addition to free shipping. So the grand total was $225, which although was a little over budget, was totally worth it for a table I loved and by a company I knew was good quality.

The table and chairs in the kitchen. The corner looks a little cluttered. I guess some cleaning is in order.

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