Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sink Project - Day 2

What I accomplished on day 2:
-Spackled and sanded walls
-Painted (accent and primary colors)
-Layed down tiles to cut out faucet and drain hole and also cut down sheet to size.
-Applied thinset and layed down tiles.

Tiling has been surprisingly easy so far. It's probably been the easiest part of the project and I got the tiles down in half an hour. Today is grouting day which I hope will be just as easy, but I have heard otherwise.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sink Project - Day 1

My brother came down to deliver my master bedroom furniture and we decided to rip out my sink while he was here. I forgot to take a picture after the sink top was ripped out, but I have a picture of the progress at the end of the day.
What we did:
-Unhook old plumbing
-Rip out old sink
-Patch up holes where the builders decided not to install dry wall. I guess they figured it was okay to not follow code since no one would ever see the hole.
-Cut to size and screw in 2 x 4's to provide the base.
-Cut to size and screw in backerboard.
-Cut out holes for sink drain and faucet.

Now I am alone for day 2. So far I've patched up the side walls and am waiting for the spackle to dry. Then, it's painting time and then thinset and tile laying. And lots and lots of cleaning.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Outdoor seat sets

A friend of mine hesitated on buying a patio conversation set and ended up missing out on the deal of a lifetime. I told her I would try to see if I could find anything that looked good and was relatively affordable.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Le Corbusier

I've always loved the look of a Le Corbusier style couch. I think it's the simpleness and clean lines of the couch.

Room and Board sells a gorgeous Le Corbusier couch, but at $6,000, it's a bit steep. I found a couple similar styles couches for a fraction of that price.
Zuo - $1,472.31
Alphaville - $943.11

Overstock - $822.99

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bedroom sets

I've been looking for a new bedroom set for the master bedroom. here's a couple that have caght my eye.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sink project update

I finally decided on a tile for the counter top.
The first picture shows the colors better. The tile is called "Cloudy Sky". It also matches the paint colors in the bedroom right now, which probably shouldn't be the basis of my decision, but I really like the colors.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Some artwork I'm loving:
Red and Grey abstract - $135.99, 'Sunset' Canvas Art - $143.99
'Letters from the Past' Art - $79.99, 'Golden Universe' Oil on Canvas Art Set - $99.99
Randy Hibberd "Half Circle" - $99.99, Sasha Blake Motif - $49.99
Tony Koukos Motif - $49.99, NYC taxi - $59.99

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bedroom furniture

Beds are freaking expensive. I was looking for a bed for the green bedroom that wouldn't empty my bank account, especially considering it would mostly be just sitting around unused. I eventually went with a birch Malm bed from Ikea that I found on craigslist, but here are a few of the options I was considering before.

Maple Platform bed - $119, White Platform bed - $129.99, Aluminum finish Steel Bed Pedestal - $119.99 (also available in brass), Heimdal (full sized) - $99.99, Rykene (full sized) - $99.99

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kitchen Tables

I was in the market for a new kitchen table a couple months ago. I was looking for something with a diameter less than 35" and a price tag of $200 or less.

Here are the tables that were contendors:
Chrome and Glass Cafe Table - $199.99, Bianca 30" Round Table - $163.20
Utby Bar Table - $139.99 (dark brown top) $188.99 (stainless steel top), Billsta Table - $189.99
215DT Dining Table - $158.95 (sale price), Lumisource Stella Dinette Table - $171 (sale price)

Ultimately, I decided to go a little over budget and got a table by Zuo. I pretty much love everything Zuo comes out with.
I was able to find the Zuo Lemon Drop table online for $250 at NikkoShops, plus they had a wintersale of 10% off of everything in addition to free shipping. So the grand total was $225, which although was a little over budget, was totally worth it for a table I loved and by a company I knew was good quality.

The table and chairs in the kitchen. The corner looks a little cluttered. I guess some cleaning is in order.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Decorators Outlet

Home Decorators is having free shipping for the next few days and they got rid of that ridiculous "handling" charge, which finally makes their stuff pretty reasonably priced.

Here's a few pieces that caught my eye from the outlet section.

Roma Contemporary Chair, Soho Round Storage Ottoman, Soho Tapered Storage Bench, Amalfi Curve Bar, Marta Upholstered Ba Stool, Swivel Cube Anywhere Table, Soho Bar-Height Nesting Stools