Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Craigslist find

I'm so in love with this craigslist find that I had to post it right away.

Hooked restaurant ordered too many red bar stools and is selling the extras for $55 each.  $55 is a steal. I purchased bar stools for my kitchen not too long ago, and finding nice modern bar stools for under $75 was a challenge. This particular bar stool retails for about $100.

They remind me of the Zuo Equino bar stools that I wanted so badly but usually retail for close to $200.
Speaking of which, my suggestion for best place for cheap bar stools: Value City Furniture. They actually have several modern bar stools for under $60.

Lisbon bar stool - $29.99, Turin bar stool - $39, Naples bar stool - $39, Glasgow bar stool - $59.99
I have the Naples bar stools and they are gorgeous. Although it was a little painful to go on the website today and see that they are $10 cheaper than when I had bought them. Which is something to watch out for with VCF, the prices fluctuate often so it is easy to miss out on a great deal.

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