Saturday, July 31, 2010

Small Space dining - Folding tables

My sister has a small living space in her apartment that has to function as a living room, office and dining room. She only has a small amount of room that can be used a dining area, so I decided to see what I could find that would make best use of the space.

The first option would be folding tables. They allow minimal space taken up when not in use and can even be stored in a closet or different room.

Christobel folding table by Zuo available in
Bar table - $130, Dining table - $150

Bard folding table by Zuo - $90

Norbo Drop leaf table - $29.99

MUDDUS drop leaf table - $59.99

Classic All Wood Folding Table - $129

Chesapeake Folding Dining Table - $139

Linon Space Saver 5 piece set (wenge) - $295.60

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