Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sink Project - Days 3-4ish

I'm sorry for ignoring you blog. I got sick of my sink project and wanted some distance from it. Unfortunately, I needed a working sink, so instead I decided to avoid writing about it.

Here is the sink after day 3:

What I accomplished:
-Grouted the tiles
-Screwed up the paint and spackling job from the day before. Awesome.

Here is the sink after workday 4ish:
 What we did:
-Install faucet into sink
-Install sink onto tile countertop
-Hook up plumbing
-Sealed the grout (had to wait 48 hours after grouting before this could be done)

The sink looks so much better than the old sink. I've been keeping an eye on any possible leakage because although my brother and I are engineers, we are not trained plumbers.

Still to be done and is being procrastinated:
-Paint ugly wood trim
-Fix up everywhere the wall spackle was nicked and fix paint
-Install doors

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